Hello from Alaska! My name is Penny Tailsup, thank you so much for checking out my website! Alaska is the perfect place to write horror; the winters are cold and dark… and the sun never seems to set in the summer.

You might have seen me around r/nosleep, Youtube or Twitter @pennytailsup. I am a writer, specializing in short stories– horror, in particular. I am also a novice narrator and run a small channel with horror story narrations.

My username on WordPress is a bit of an inside joke– unfortunately, pennytailsup was already taken! Oops. I ended up going with unluckypenny666 as a bit of a laugh— don’t worry, you will not be finding obligatory 666s scattered around in my stories.

I don’t only write horror stories, but that’s what I will start with for now. I also write fantasy, romance and sci-fi on occasion, with poetry here and there for good measure! I plan on sharing all of my horror stories on this blog, including some that will be exclusive to the site.

Thank you for visiting!