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Copyright © Penny Tailsup 2021 All Rights Reserved

Content, as found within, is protected under United States and foreign copyrights. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any such Content, is strictly prohibited. Your use of does not grant you any ownership rights to our Content.

In other words:

  • Do not narrate my work / adapt my work into audio
  • Do not copy and paste my work on other websites or social media
  • Do not publish my work in any medium anywhere else
  • Do not claim my work as your own

I own the rights to my own work and will file DMCA take-down notices if content is used without license. A license may be purchased by contacting the creator, Penny Tailsup, in some cases.

Common misconceptions:

  • Work posted on the internet is not “Free to use” or in the public domain. Publicly accessible areas of the internet are not what the concept of public domain refer to [in the context of copyright]. As of 1977, works by a single author do not enter the public domain until 70 years after the author’s death or if the author gives up their right to the work. I have not given up my rights to any of the works I’ve produced.
  • Horror stories on the internet are not all creepypasta, including stories published to the r/nosleep subreddit. This is a common misconception because horror youtubers have popularized the term and use it as a catchy tag on their videos. My stories are not creepypastas, they were NOT created with the intention of being shared or becoming internet urban legends.
  • Adapting a story to audio does not constitute Fair Use. Fair use is usually for the purposes of reporting the news, critiquing a work, or education– narrating a story does not fall into any of those categories. Additionally, the proportion of a work used is also important for Fair Use. When someone is critiquing a book, they are usually only permitted to use excerpts… not the entire thing. If a work used isn’t for criticism, education or reporting the news– then it must be transformative, such as a parody of the work. An audio narration is not transformative.
  • Thinking that copyright is stupid isn’t an excuse to ignore it. Copyright is the law, and if you fail to recognize someone’s copyright and steal that work you are breaking the law.

My summaries are not exhaustive, but general. If you wish for more details, please refer to the links provided below or do additional research on your own.

Click here for more information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Click here for more information about how public domain works.

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