My Narrations

I have a YouTube channel, but if you’re looking for a specific story I’ve compiled a list! More stories are coming soon. More stories are always coming!

My channel features narrations of horror stories, including speed-paints and light animations of my art (which is the art you see featured on my website!) I mostly narrate my own stories, but have made a few exceptions (with permission from the authors, of course!)

Some of these stories are actually unlisted on my channel, so you’ll only be able to find some of these narrations through the links on  this page!

Stories Written by Me

“My Girlfriend’s Hair Gets Everywhere.”

“After all, glitter gets everywhere.”

“Every Year You Get Eight”

“Carol’s Christmas Cookies”

“I’m the Sole Survivor of a Social Experiment Call The Soul Paradox”

“My Perfect Mattress Came with Rules”

“I don’t have a cat. A cat has me.”

“My daughter likes to play pretend with her own Prince Charming. Today he asked me to marry him.”

“It’s Not My Birthday”

“I’m So Scared of the Cats”

“Eavesdropper” Version 2


“Neon Nylon Strings”



“My Husband Blamed Me”

“Another Reason to Quit Smoking”

“Self-Aware Appliance Repair”

[SERIES] “I only wanted a fake boyfriend” (This one is not on my blog)

“It Likes Music”


Lily Madwhip series by William Dalphin 

“My Name is Lily Madwhip” Playlist  (ongoing)



“Beneath The Blankets, I’m Safe” [Villanelle]


Guest Authors

“Suspended Outbound Traffic” by James Marie Parker III


More are coming soon!