Narration Requests / NSWG


Are you a narrator seeking permission to narrate one of my stories?

Or writer curious to learn about (or possibly join) the NoSleep Writers Guild?

I am a member of the r/NoSleepWritersGuild. The guild operates both a Code of Conduct and a rate card policy for narrations. If the narration video will have adverts or will be otherwise monetized, the narrator pays a small fee in recognition of intellectual property. The price is based on the number of subscribers your channel has.

Guild Rate Card

< 2,000 subscribers -> free

2,000 – 10,000 subscribers -> $1

10,000-24,999 subscribers -> $2.50

25,000-50,000 subscribers -> $5

50,000-75,000 subscribers -> $7.50

75,000-100,000 subscribers -> $10

Please note that these prices do not give you exclusive rights to narrate – other people may still narrate the story. They only give you the right to distribute the narration in the medium of audio. If you would like to seek other rights, contact me separately.

To comply to the code of conduct on author crediting please:

Display my name as: Penny Tailsup on-screen at the start and end of the narration and use the following details on the information page for your video:

Author Name: Penny Tailsup

Story Link:  XXXXXXXX

Author Site details 1:

Author Site details 2:

The guild also has a narrator endorsement program. Narrators agreeing to operate to the code of conduct and rate card with all guild members will receive:

Pre authorized access to the full guild back catalogue of c.300 stories. Our members have almost 300 stories we are uploading into the back catalogue. These stories have a collective 150k+ of reddit upvotes and our members include some of the most popular NoSleep authors both currently and of all time.

Exclusive preview stories. Our members regularly post stories with a minimum of 1 weeks exclusive access to guild endorsed narrators meaning you can get up front access and narration permission to give you the best content for your channel.

Full details can be found at r/NoSleepWritersGuild

If you choose narrate my story, you can send the payment to my PayPal address:

Payment should be made prior to publishing the narration video.

Please also send the link when the narration is complete so it can be distributed across my platforms.